Group Fitness for perimenopausal and menopausal women
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We help ladies 35-55+ like you, who struggle with:

  • Feeling fatigued, unmotivated, moody and emotional
  • Struggling with brain fog
  • Have little to no motivation to do anything
  • Are suffering with hot flushes, sweats and sleeplessness
  • Have reduced libido
  • Haven't changed a thing but have put on weight around your waistline
  • Are suffering with joint aches and pains

How do you know if you are going through perimenopause?

Perimenopause can start as young as 35 years old, though over 40 is more common.

There is no blood test that can determine if you are going through perimenopause. However if you start to experience any of the following, and you are over 35, you are very likely entering perimenopause:

  • Period starts to come more frequently; every 21-24 days
  • PMS (pre-menstrual stress) is higher than ever
  • Your flow starts to increase vastly
  • Start to have sweats and hot flushes
  • Fatigue starts to kick in
  • Unexplained weight gain

These phase can last anywhere from 7-10 years.

How do you know if you are entering menopause?

  • All of the above symptoms remain present
  • You start to skip your period
  • Periods become less frequent
  • Once you have gone a full 12 months without menstruating you are now in complete menopause

When you start experiencing less frequent periods, you can have a hormone test through your GP to confirm if you are entering menopause.

This phase can take 2-5 years.

Creating Your Transformation:

We are a boutique studio. We empower you with knowledge about your body, what it needs and how you can change your lifestyle to meet your body's changing needs. 

Educating you means you understand how you can nurture your body and help yourself feel better in every way. This prevents yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations, mood swings and long term health issues.

How many times have you said the words "If only I knew then, what I know now!" 

We educate you what nutrition is best for your changing hormones, what exercise is best and how to improve your sleep and mood, whilst boosting your energy again, so you can you feel better and move better.

Our training programs are designed specifically to help women just like you, that want to lean up, get stronger, strengthen your bones and feel like an energizer bunny.

We teach you the dangers of calorie restrictive dieting, and the power of eating wholesome nutritious, abundant meals that will help your body lean up, balance your hormones so you can feel amazing!

Often women feel horrible whilst going through perimenopause and menopause, when you should be feeling on top of the world! After all "Life begins at 40!!!"

What are you waiting for? Click on 'Book Now' to book your Discovery Call, so we can get you feeling sensational!

We use our “7 Strategies for Success Group Formula” to see you get results or your money back!

  1. Book an obligation free Discovery Call to discuss your individual needs.
  2. Join our community of like minded women who support and nurture each other. So much so, that often their partners and children also train with us to support the woman in their lives.
  3. Attend a 90-min Introductory Consultation with one of coaches for all of your assessments. These include: 
    • An extensive Health Evaluation and Bio-Feedback assessment to get to know you and your needs better.
    • Girth measurements and Body Composition Analysis using our in-body scanner.
    • They will then proceed to conduct a Structural Balance Assessment and Posture Analysis to identify how your body moves, strengths, weaknesses and if any injuries or restrictions apply.
    • This helps us create a training plan for you, adapting the class program to suit your personal needs. Personalised training, even in group fitness.
    • Your Coach will also provide you with an Action Plan on what mobility and activation exercises you need to perform prior to training and stretching exercises that will help you recover from training.
  4. Members only online Education Portal where you will gain access to our recipes packs, pantry make over, podcasts on nutrition, lifestyle, mobility, mindset and much more.
  5. Community Support both face to face and online via our members only Facebook group
  6. Progressive Training System both face to face and online. As a hybrid business we offer both face to face training and online training to suit the current environment of the world. Join our face to face classes which are also live-streamed via Zoom so you can train from home if you can't get into the studio. You can also download our Training App which contains hundreds of on demand programs, so you can train any time, any where.
  7. Progress Review every 6 weeks. You can't manage what you don't measure. These are conducted through 'Personal Best' week where we you will assess your training progress, as well as reassess your girth measurements, Body Composition Analysis and progress photos. You can celebrate your progress and continue to evolve your program to keep you moving forward avoiding plateaus. 

All our services are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

And with FREE access to our kids’ room, you can bring your kids to play whilst you train!

Click on ‘Book Now’ below to book an obligation free Discovery Call with one of our friendly staff and see how we can help you too.


Terrific Fitness is a family business that provides a community within the local community.

A boutique personal training studio we offer small group fitness classes, personal training, or a combination of both for the ultimate transformation. We are not a main stream gym, where you go in and train yourself and nobody knows your name. 

We cap our member base, to ensure we are able to personally service each and every one of our clients. All staff know each of our members by name; what you do in your career, what you love, what you dislike, your goals, how you like to be trained. 

Running regular social and charity events we love to get together with the entire community for lots of fun, and to give back to our community.

We have created a safe haven where you can come and take time out for yourself and focus on you for once. At this stage of your life you are constantly servicing the needs of others, whether it be kids, partner, aging parents, your boss or business or other commitments. You have needs too. And with your hormones fluctuating, now more than ever, it is vital you take time out to focus on you, so you can feel better, and then be able to give more.

Our mission is to change the world one person at a time. We do this by helping the members of our communities that get neglected the most by society and main stream gyms; women aged 35-55. 

It's your time! Click on 'Book Now' to book a Discovery Call, and see how we can help you too! 

Meet the Team:

  • Top Right - Terrific Fitness Founder, Terri Batsakis
  • Top Left - Head Coach Emilia
  • Second Top Right - Senior Coach Theo
  • Second Top Left - Coach Stephen
  • Bottom Left - Admin Guru Lauren
  • Bottom Middle - Master Coach Jamie
  • Bottom Right - Admin Guru - Viki

Membership inclusions:

  • A super Covid safe training environment to ensure you stay safe at all times
  • Welcome pack, including a free copy of Terri's book "Accelerate Your Results"
  • 90-min Introductory Consult to complete your assessments and create your Action Plan
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes, scientifically formulated for maximum results
  • Access to hybrid training, so you can train in the studio or from the comfort of your own home
  • Access to our Training App containing hundreds of on-demand workouts you can do in your own time
  • 6-weekly reassessments to track your progress in your girth measurements, photos, Body Composition Analysis, training stamina.
  • Coach accountability
  • Member discounts to events and workshops
  • Free access for your children to our kids' room
  • Members only access to our Online Education Portal for recipes, cheat sheets, pantry make over, podcasts and more
  • Nutrition education
  • Access to our member's only Facebook support group
  • 24/7 Support
  • Ability to suspend if you are ill or on holidays

Our promise to you:

  • No joining fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No empty promises
  • No crazy diets
  • Results! Results! Results!

Training in one class per week. Select this package if you have never trained before or it’s been ages since you last trained, and you would like to ease into it to avoid overwhelm, or if you participate in other sports such as netball, and would like to supplement your current training regime. Alternatively you might just want an hour a week to yourself to get away from life for a while; if that’s you, then this package is for you. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $23.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $243

Training in two classes per week. Select this package if you are ready to pick up the pace a little and start working on building your strength and fitness or would like to lean up. Training twice per week you will start improving your health and well-being and start seeing the changes you long for. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $39.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $243

Training in unlimited number of classes per week. Select this package if you want to take your transformation, strength and fitness to a whole new level. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $63.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $243

Health & Fitness designed specifically for you and your changing hormones!

Finally a Studio that fully understands your needs!



It’s honestly so good to find somewhere that actually listens and gives you alternatives based on your injuries and doesn’t ignore them. 

Dianne Nesci


Weight loss is almost 13kg down in just over 3 months...I could never have achieved what I have without the support of Terrific Fitness. , 

Belinda Lyons




Terrific Fitness

Other Gyms & Boutique Studios

Specializing  in Helping Perimenopause and Menopause Women

Coaches that fully understand how you are feeling and what you are experiencing during this stage of your life.

Trainers train everybody the same regardless of age, gender or hormonal needs. 

Introductory Consultation:

An extensive health evaluation, bio-feedback and lifestyle assessment, structural balance assessment, posture analysis and in-body scan.

None, or Limited Assessments. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Online Training and/or Face to Face Training:

All of our group fitness classes are live streamed so you have the option of training in-studio or at home. Alternatively you can train using your own training app.

Face to face workouts, with no accountability, no ability to track progress, no community engagement.


Access to our coaches that assist with improving your nutrition in line with your perimenopausal or menopausal needs. Meal plans and recipes packs.

Generic meal plans that do not give you long term sustainable results. No coach assistance.

Personal Training Coaches:

All programs are created and delivered personally by own very own Personal Training Coaches, so they can adapt the training to your personal needs, even in group fitness.

Generic 'one size fits all' type training workouts, delivered via a screen.


Stay accountable to our coaches so they can help keep you on track, every step of the way. Coach and team support are imperative for success. Team work makes the dream work.

No accountability, and no support.

group fitness with a personal training touch

founded in 2010, terrific fitness has a 100% Proven Success System, and a

 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

A 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!?! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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