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Our “7 Strategies for Success Group Formula” sees you get results or your money back!

1. Discovery Call to discuss your individual needs.

2. Welcome Consultation and Goal setting session to create your road map to success.

3. Introductory Consultation where one of our coaches conducts a Structural Balance Assessment and Posture Analysis to identify how your body moves, strengths, weaknesses and if any injuries or restrictions apply. This helps us create a training plan for you, adapting the class program to suit your personal needs. Personalised training, even in group fitness.

4. Members only online Education Portal with everything you need to help you with your nutrition, recipes, mindset, lifestyle and mobility.

5. Community Support both face to face and online via our members only Facebook group

6. Progressive Training System both face to face and online. As a hybrid business we offer both face to face training and online training to suit the current environment of the world. Join our face to face classes, live Zoom classes and access our members only Training App so you can train from the comfort of your own home.

7. 6-Weekly Progress Reviews to help you celebrate your progress and continue to evolve your program to keep you moving forward and avoid plateaus. This includes a Body Composition Analysis using our very own in-body scanner, girth measurements and progress photos.

And with FREE access to our kids’ room, you can bring your kids to play whilst you train!

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Though we train people of all ages, we specialise in women aged 35-55 years. As such we understand your body's needs as it heads towards Peri-menopause and beyond. You require different training styles and different nutrition as you move through these stages of your life. Our fully qualified coaches can help you navigate those changes. 

From the reduced energy and fatigue that starts in your late 30's to the brain fog that can kick in, in your forties, to the joint aches, hot flushes and sweats that begin in your 50's and beyond. We've got you covered both in the kitchen and on the training floor. Your training will definitely change as your body changes.

As you travel through Peri-menopause your body will require more carbs to help you with the surging hormones. 

As you head towards menopause and your hormone production starts to reduce, your macro nutrient requirements change.

As part of your membership, you will have access to our Nutrition Coaches that can help you navigate these changes and adapt your nutrition needs to your evolving body.

As you get older your body experiences wear and tear. Cartilage becomes thinner, joints become stiffer due to reduced elasticity, and your flexibility starts to reduce. 

Our coaches take into consideration all of these changes and adapt your training accordingly. Exercises will be adapted and even changed completely where required.

Our coaches will teach you the right mobility and stretches for you to do before and after training, to support your evolving body's needs, reducing aches and pains, and reducing the risk of injury.

Or studio is a family oriented business where kids are welcome. We have a kids' room available free to all members, so you can train without the added expense of childcare!


Terrific Fitness is a family business that provides a community within the local community.

With group fitness at Terrific Fitness you are surrounded with like-minded people, all focusing on improving their health and well-being. Our members lounge gives you the opportunity to socialize when you aren’t training, as do our workshops, community events and gatherings. Community and socialization is a big part of our organization. We are often referred to as your ‘happy place’, your ‘home away from home’.

Your results are our number one priority which is why we focus on so much more than just your training. We mentor you in all areas including your nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and overall well-being, whilst providing you with exceptional support.

Our vision at Terrific Fitness was to create a place where friends and family could train together and support one another. A place where you could meet new friends and feel at ease the minute you walk through the door. That is exactly what we have created. Right down to our free kids’ room for the little people in your life.

Membership inclusions:

  • A super Covid safe training environment to ensure you stay safe at all times
  • Welcome pack, including a free copy of "Accelerate Your Results"
  • Structural Balance Assessment and Posture Analysis Consultation, to identify your body's training needs
  • A Welcome & Goal setting consultation, to help create a road map in achieving your goals
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes, scientifically formulated for maximum results
  • 6-weekly Body Composition Analysis using our in-body scanner, so we can track your progress
  • 6-Weekly Full body Girth Measurements
  • Progress Photos
  • Member discounts to events and workshops
  • Free access for your children to our kids' room
  • FREE access to our Training App, so you can still train from home if you can't make it to class
  • Members only access to our Online Education Portal which contains everything you need to improve your nutrition, recipes, mindset, lifestyle and mobility.
  • Access to continue training in live online classes with our Coaches in cases of lock downs. Lock down may hit, but goals don't stop!
  • Recipe Books
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Access to our member's only Facebook support group
  • 24/07 Support
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Mobility and Recovery assistance
  • No joining fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Ability to suspend if you are ill or on holidays
  • Accountability
  • Free access to our member's only education portal
  • Grandfathered pricing
  • Ability to qualify as a VIP member; ask us how

Training in one class per week. Select this package if you have never trained before or it’s been ages since you last trained, and you would like to ease into it to avoid overwhelm, or if you participate in other sports such as netball, and would like to supplement your current training regime. Alternatively you might just want an hour a week to yourself to get away from life for a while; if that’s you, then this package is for you. Includes a free Body Composition Analysis assessments every 6 weeks. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $21.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $225

Training in two classes per week. Select this package if you are ready to pick up the pace a little and start working on building your strength and fitness or would like to lean up. Training twice per week you will start improving your health and well-being and start seeing the changes you long for. Includes a free Body Composition Analysis assessments every 6 weeks. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $37.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $225

Training in unlimited number of classes per week. Select this package if you want to take your transformation, strength and fitness to a whole new level. Includes a free Body Composition Analysis assessments every 6 weeks. Click on ‘Book Now’ to get started. Your investment is $60.00 per week. Alternatively you can purchase a casual plan which entitles you to 10 sessions for $225

Health & Fitness designed specifically for you throughout your 30's and beyond!

Finally a Studio that treats you as an individual!



61 year old Craig suffered plantar fasciitis and his knees were so bad he could barely walk before starting at Terrific Fitness!

Amy was so desperate to lose weight she had booked in for weight loss surgery. She cancelled it after joining Terrific Fitness and dropping over 15kg.




Other Group Programs

Personalised Classes

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’. You may have an injury, restriction or medical condition that limits you in some way. Or perhaps you aren’t as fit or strong as another. Or perhaps you are fitter and stronger. Whatever your circumstances you are an individual and deserve to be treated as such, even in a group. So we tailor every training session to your individual needs.

There is a ‘one size fits all’ approach, ruling out anyone with training restrictions.

We Won’t Let You Fail!

Life happens to everyone, and sometimes it means missing training. Missing a session here and there is common, but sometimes one session turns to two, then three and so on, and you find yourself paying for a service you aren’t using. It’s a waste of your hard earned money. Alternatively you may come across a different situation in life such as health issue, personal situation etc. that stops you from training. No matter what, if we notice you are missing a number of sessions, we will touch base to check in and see if you are ok and see if we can help in some way.

Nobody notices or calls you if you don’t turn up.

Save Money

You have complete flexibility with your training. So even if you miss a session because you are stuck in a meeting, or the kids have parent/teacher interviews or any other of life’s little curve balls, you have the flexibility of rescheduling your session via your smart phone, by simply clicking into your account on your training app.

You miss your session you forfeit the fees for that session with no option to make it up.

Programs That Actually Work

All of our training programs are scientifically and clinically formulated, trialed and tested, setting you up for success. Our reputation for success precedes us. Being around since 2010 we have stood the test of time, bodies and fat cells. We don’t focus on trends and fads, we focus on your progress.

Standard ‘one size fits all’ sessions, with no proven structure.

Never Repeat a Program Again

Our freestyle training programs are structured and formulated to avoid plateaus. You get a different program every single day to help you maintain interest, motivation and progress. It challenges you and pushes you, leaving you wanting more, without feeling incapable.

Computer generated programs and instructed by television screens with repetitive routines.

Certified Personal Trainers

You work hard for your money so when you invest in something, you want to know you are getting the best value for money you can. That’s why we have certified Personal Trainers teaching our classes. We know the human body inside out and will give you the maximum attention and results possible.

Conducted by Group Fitness Instructors with limited knowledge and expertise.

24/7 Team Support

We offer 24/7 Team Support to help keep you motivated and inspired. Nobody ever succeeded on their own. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The best success comes from team support. Our community support is second to none!

Limited or no support.

Progress Assessments

Progress assessments come part and parcel with our packages, they are not expensive extras or add-ons. Your assessments include fitness testing, progress photos, blood pressure reading, girth measurements and a Body Composition Analysis conducted with our in-house high-tech scanner.

Assessments often not provided and if they are they are expensive add-ons.


Our community is second to none. Time and time again, we hear ‘this is my happy place’. Our space is the safe zone, a place where you can come and be you, be encouraged, supported, motivated and inspired without judgement. A place where you can come and feel you are finally ‘home’, feel part of a team, feel you belong.

No community. No support.

Nutrition For Your Lifestyle Without Dieting

We teach you how to improve your nutrition to help you achieve your fat loss goals, and improve your health, without deprivation, unrealistic restrictions or diets which leave you hungry and yo-yo dieting. We teach you how to fit health and fitness into your lifestyle so you can achieve long lasting, sustainable results.

Unrealistic restrictive diets that leave you hungry and yo-yo dieting.

Your Kids Can Come Too

We have a FREE kids’ room for your kids to play in whilst you train, so you no longer need to worry about where to leave them so you can train.

Expensive child care fees with pre-booking requirements or no child care facilities at all.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our services we put our money where our mouth is! If you are not 100% happy with our service, you simply let us know in writing, within three weeks of starting training, and we will give your money back. When you train with us, you are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

No guarantee provided.

group fitness with a personal training touch

founded in 2010, terrific fitness has a 100% Proven Success System, and a

 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

A 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!?! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for?

YOU’RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO the life you deserve




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